Easter Cookies & A Giveaway!

We are doing everything we can over here to lure Spring to arrive, and we make no exception in the sweets department. 

Meagan shared this recipe with Caitlyn a few months ago, and no matter the mess that sugar cookie making ensues, she makes them monthly. Meagan, on the other hand, having perfected this recipe years ago, has gotten over the novelty of them. And trust me, the novelty will reign supreme when you start making these!

The recipe is even printably (we make up words) formatted at the bottom of the post! Because we love you so. 

The boys were especially helpful in the making of these cookies. And it was best when they helped so they'd actually leave each other alone! We're doing our best to force eternal friendship on these two. 

As far as frosting goes, we're each partial to a different kind. 

Meagan, the frosting and baked goods connoisseur, has discovered THIS cream cheese frosting is top notch, a cut about the rest, bar none,and so forth! Through trial and error she has found it works best if the cream cheese and butter are thawed to room temperature. She also only uses one 8oz package of cream cheese, rather than two, since she likes her frosting a little sweeter!

As for Caitlyn, even though she isn't a frosting lover at all, goes crazy for THIS vanilla buttercream. Be sure to beat the hell outta that softened butter, and sift the powdered sugar like it's your freakin' day job, resulting in the airiest frosting that's ever been had, and we believe will make a substantial influence on world peace.

Samson and Kian caught on to decorating real fast, surely knowing it was one step closer to consumption, which they definitely didn't need help with.

These babes of ours were real big helpers in the kitchen, and for the most part, it kept their attention. Chalk that up to a success for sure!

Enjoy your dozens and dozens of cookies. Don't worry, we won't judge you if you hoard them. But if you do decide to share, make it an event! Cookie party! Every season, every holiday!

Print the recipe for yourself here!

We're so dedicated to these cookies that we wanna take it to the gram. 
Post an instagram of your baking session, frosting whipping, 
dough cutting, etc. with the hashtag #mintysugarsugar for a shot at
winning this killer set of measuring cups! 

A winner will be selected and announced Friday, March 15th at noon (gotta give ya time to whip up these babies!).

Happy Baking!


Another Red Dress

These past few weeks have been so nice being home with my kids more. It's been slow at my second job, so I've been soaking them in. I'm starting off hard this week, and I'm going to miss my time with them! It'll be nice getting back into work too.

I've also started working out at home. I would rather go to the gym so I can have my work out alone time, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. I've been doing really good, and keeping at it. It's not so much about being thin to me, I want to be healthy and fit, and just feel good! I notice that I've had more positive energy when I work out, and I'm more patient with my kids. Three cheers to working out!

On the opposite side of that spectrum...later this week, we're going to share my most amazing sugar cookie recipe ever so stay tuned! Cat says it's the end-all-be-all of sugar cookie recipes, so get excited!

Hope everyone has a very happy Monday, and an awesome week!

Entire outfit: Forever 21! | Watch: Michael Kors


Leopard & Specs

Can I get a big "hip hip hooray" that February is finally over!? We are one month closer to warm weather! I was browsing old photos on my phone the other day, and it nearly pained me to run across some from my mom's pool last year. Will summer ever come!?

My poor little tot is so sick. Double ear infections, cold-induced asthma, congestion, terrible cough, and tummy trouble. Winter is cruel. We went to the doctor yesterday, and before we walked into the office I took Sam into the bathroom only to discover that he'd had a #2 accident in his unders. Poor kid couldn't keep it in (tummy trouble)! Of course I had nothing on me. Stellar mom.       

After some serious wipeage, as best I could with toilet paper, and wrapping his pants and unders in paper towels, we headed out of the restroom and into the doctor's office with our heads held high (well, my head held high. Sam was unphased). No embarrassment here! It is what it is! 

Is it just me, or do Meg and I only talk about potty things now? Mothers, we are.

I was not feeling myself the day we took these pictures, and I couldn't really figure out why. I hope I'm not the only one that has those days. 

Maybe it was my straight hair? I feel like a hag when my hair is straight. That seems logical, right?

Sleeveless Button Up: H&M - $18 | Leopard Top: H&M - $13 | Leggings: Cotton On - $25 | Booties: Target - $20 | Glasses: Forever 21 - $8 | Bracelet: Forever 21 - $7


Me Best Mate

I remember when I got pregnant with V when K was 16 months. I started to feel super guilty that our time together with just us two was not going to last as long as I had wanted. It was just the two of us day to day, doing whatever we wanted, and going wherever we wanted. He was my best little mate. After V was born, I realized that was silly. I would need to just put forth more effort to have alone time with him. He's still my best little man, and a total stud.

K really is such a sweet little spirit. He has attitude (hmm...wonder where he got that from, cough), but is sensitive. If ever we leave from friends houses, he always has to say goodbye to everyone. If he doesn't, or misses someone, he loses it man! He's fun, and sooooo active, always up for fun times. He humors me by dancing with me, he's got moves you've never seen. I humor him with wrestling, not my best talent.

The other day he asked, "Mommy, will you put my hairs in a circle punchittle?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "What's that?" "You know a circle on my head." Oh, a topknot! So I put his hair up. He said, "Oooooo I wike this!", "I'm wike a mudder (mother) now!" I was dying, so cute!

Shirt: Walmart - $3 | Pants: H&M - $10 | Jacket: H&M - $25 | Boots: Target - $14 | Beanie: Target - $2



This weekend I was knee deep in poop, and throw up. My poor littles were, well still are, sick. I thought I'd post my church attire to help myself feel refreshed from being, pardon my bluntness, shit-slapped in the face. I was changing V's diaper, lifted her bum to wipe, and well you know the rest...

Here's to a happy Monday, and hoping my kiddos get well soon so I can shower and clean my house!

P.S. Spring please come soon, please!

P.P.S. Run and get one of these comfy blouses from H&M, I'm in love.

Oh, and Cat telling me a poo story involving Samson, time-out and his retaliation. Need I say more? D.Y.I.N.G.

Blouse: H&M - $20 | Skirt: Forever 21 - $18 | Jacket: Forever 21 - $30 | Heels: F21 - $30 | Tights: F21 - $4 | Hair pin: Amazon, painted with finger nail polish.


My Best Buddy

Lately there are times I want to bottle this little boy up and keep him the way he is forever. Then there are other times where I want to rip out my hair, fast forward twenty years and sit back and just observe him in adulthood. But mostly just bottle him up. 

The other morning we were lazing about around the house, and he told me he needed to put me to sleep (his newest obsession). So he brought me his blankies and a pillow then turned off the light. Then, as is part of our routine when he goes to bed, he started stroking my face and singing "You Are My Sunshine", but just to be sure I wasn't already dying over his adorableness, he changed the words at the end to, "please don't take my mommy away". Dying, DYING. Dead.

Button Up: Target - $12 | Fox Sweater: Target - $13 | Pants: Old Navy - $10 | Shoes: Target - $20


Mod Mod World

This outfit was inspired by Karen Walker's NYFW runway designs. I'm loving the orange with hunter green, mixed with muted colors. These are the Autumn/Winter 2013 looks, so I guess I'm a bit early! I can't help but think ahead!

I'm currently basking in the southern sun down in St. George for a quick President's Day getaway with my little fam. Mike is off golfing with some of his "buddies" (the universal dude term for friends), so it's Mamma time for me with my sweet K and V. The sun down here does something to my soul! It's amazing, and yet cruel. Cruel because it tricks me into thinking spring is just around the corner, and when we're home it absolutely is NOT.

Wishing you all a sunny, soul-brightening holiday today. (Sending out all kinds of good juju to entice spring to get here STAT!)

Sweater: H&M - $20 | Pants: H&M - $25 | Jacket: Nordstrom - $30 | Booties: Target - $30