Golden Clutch

I recently ordered some clothes for S from cottonon.com, and since they just opened their online site, they sent out a free tote with each order. I'm not a huge fan of the tote, I feel it's more like an oversized clutch than a tote, and since I still had leftover studs from my booties DIY, I figured I'd jazz up the clutch a little! It is a titch redundant from the booties, but after adding the studs I definitely feel it's more holiday-season worthy! 

I ran into quite a bit of trial and error with this DIY, and learned some good things along the way. These studs come with a back to punch through the material from behind, so I thought I'd try that method. Unfortunately, the backing is too long, leaving the stud loose. 

I tackled the project next with super glue, thinking that would be the best option since I learned I should've used that instead of hot glue on my booties, but the material of the clutch didn't respond well to the super glue and with just a little knick the stud would pop right off.

So back to hot glue I went!

And once again, indenting my fingertips. 

Now I'm equipped with a proper bag for parties, gatherings, and even quick errand running!

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