Stud Booties

First and foremost, please excuse the quality of these sub par photos, they were taken with my iPhone. 

I bought these awhile back from Target (and for $11 nonetheless!), and just felt like they needed a little pizazz. Gold studs are pizazz-y, right? Did you know you can buy random craft items in bulk, or not, off Etsy in the Supplies section? I ordered a pack of gold studs a long time ago, just knowing I'd find a good use for them, and if I may admit, I think I surely did that.

Things needed: Lucky item waiting to be studded, hot glue gun, studs (I bought the ones without the prongs, they have the round cap instead like this), tough thumbs and The Vampire Diaries - because who doesn't need a little Damon and Stefan while they craft?

I have the prettiest glue gun ever.

You get the idea...

Wah-lah! Unlike other crafts I take on, I'm extremely pleased with the outcome of this one. Stay tuned for an outfit post showcasing these gems. 

This was such an easy DIY, which is basically the only kind I can get involved in, and now I just want to bedazzle everything!

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