Winter & Maxis

Per a request from our awesome reader, Morgan, we've put together multiple ways to wear that ever-so-comfortable maxi skirt you bought in the spring/summer all year long! 

First Look: Keep it extra cozy in a wrap sweater and cinch in the waist with a belt, wear your favorite comfortable boots, and if you're feeling a little weird about them being completely concealed, knot up the bottom off to the side!

Sweater: Gap - $20 | Belt: Target - $15 | Maxi: Du Jour Wear - $25 | Boots: Hand-Me-Down | Necklace: Vintage Market - $10

Second Look: We love giving this flowy skirt an edgy flair with a leather jacket, and don't forget the scarf to keep you cozy and warm!

Jacket: Gap - $50 | Maxi: Forever 21 - $13 | Flats: Forever 21 - $20 | Scarf: Forever 21 - $8

Third Look: Again with the leather jacket! Tuck in a flowy top and add to the edgy look with a pair of wedge booties, fur-lined in this case. 

Jacket: Forever 21 - $30 | Top: Romwe.com - $18 | Maxi: Du Jour Wear - $25 | Booties: Target - $9

Fourth Look: We find that adding an over sized sweater gives this outfit a soft, romantic look. 

Sweater: Forever 21 - $23 | Maxi: Gap - $12 | Booties: Target - $30

Don't be afraid to wear your maxi skirts during the cold months. Conservative or bold, you'll look amazing, and very season appropriate!