DIY Gold Dipped Feather Necklace

I'm heading off the sparkle series today with a super easy DIY sure to add sparkle to your holiday wardrobe. It's been a long day, and I'm currently writing this at 1:22 am so forgive me if I sound loopy. I hope this DIY makes sense!

I saw the gold dipped feather garland on Pinterest and loved it. I was looking at feathers and these cute mini goose feathers at Hobby Lobby caught my eye.  I thought it'd be cute to make a necklace version of the garland.

I put these photos in a different order than I actually performed the DIY, because it's easier this way.

I clipped the end of the feathers off with a wire cutter, but you can just use scissors if you want.

The clamps I found at Hobby Lobby had a little hook at the end that I clipped off as well.

Putting the clamp on the end of the feather.

These were the smallest pliers I could find at my house, surely you can use smaller ones!

Dipping the feather in the paint, pretty self explanatory. You can't go wrong here!. The acrylic paint was a little thick so I wiped off excess as I pulled the feather out.

I dipped the sides and tip in glitter instead of sprinkling it on the paint. I did this right after I dipped it in paint, while it was still wet so it would stick.

I bought chain that I could cut to the length I wanted, and attached a closure with small rings.

Hang feathers to dry before you put them on the necklace, and around your neck!

This is a horrible photo of the end result, but you get the gist of it. The rings I bought were too small, so I used a bigger one that I had on hand. I think I'll get separate rings for each feather and put more feathers on so they'll hang independently.

Happy Holiday DIYs!

xXX Meagan XXx


  1. I love this project! Exactly what I was looking for for a girl scout troop project to earn their jewelry badge. thank you