Sequins & Polka Dots

While we surely didn't intend on taking pictures with the sun so low, they turned out so cool with the sun shining off my sequined tank. Meagan is a whiz behind the camera!

This is an outfit I wore to church on Sunday, but would definitely wear it again to a holiday party or special event. 

Speaking of church, yesterday's was a solo event. Since my husband was home sick, I came home after choir practice to pick up my two year old son, then head back. What should've been a morning of Sunday prep complete with bow tie tying, belt fastening, backpack readying, and the like, turned into a screeching, thrashing toddler refusing to get dressed, then me dropping S on his bed and storming out to attend church alone. I'm childish like that. But so is he. These tantrums have got to stop! From both of us...

<iPhone photo>
And since I'M in love with this booties and tights combo, I figured you'd want a close-up! You're welcome.

Cardigan (worn underneath): Nordstrom - $24 | Sequin Tank: Forever 21 - $25 | Skirt: Forever 21 - $16 | Tights: Free People via Soel Boutique - $20 | Booties: Target - $35

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