Little Wolf

We've been couped up in our house for five days now potty training K, so it was nice to go into the wild(er behind our house) for some photos. It's typically impossible to get a photo of him, but Auntie Matty was there to get his attention by singing ABC's, which he's mastered.

My dearest mother bought this coat for K, and I couldn't love it more. My fur obsession for my boy...yes please! I hope he finds it cool and doesn't hate me for it in the future. As I was dressing him to go outside I slipped his boots over his thick socks that his jeans were tucked into. I was thinking, 'how did mothers do snow boots before skinny jeans?' Call it girly if you must, but it's convenient and I love it.

My favorite thing lately is listening to this sweet boy say his prayers. He expresses his own thoughts, and feelings; watching this little boy learn as he grows just makes my heart want to burst a thousand times! 

Isn't it wild how much bigger our kids seem as they learn? Ever since we've been potty training K, he seems to have aged years! He is even going potty all on his own, then running up to me after saying, "Mommy, I went potty!" Where did this independence come from? I love it! 

The kid loves snow, and eats it like it's candy. I just want to squeeze him!

Have a happy weekend, and thanks for reading!

Coat: Target - $25 | Shirt: Walmart - $9 | Skinny Jeans: H&M - $15 | Snow Boots: Gap - $20 | Hat: Gap - $10