Baby Golds

I stop by Zara online once in a while and wish for all their good stuff. It's never in our budget, but if I had money you better believe I would do all my shopping there. I saw some gold baby shoes I was dying for my little V to have, but they were $30.00. Not going to happen. So I thought I would DIY my own version.

I had the paint and tape already, and the shoes I bought from Payless for $6. I taped off the sole, then covered the canvas part with modge podge (sorry forgot to photo this part). I let that dry, then sprayed the metallic paint on the canvas. I sprayed it on pretty thick the first time which I regret. If I could do it again I would spray a very thin layer first, then a second touch up layer.

The cutest model around, baby V.

I ended up dying the laces with Rit Tan dye that I had on hand.

It would also be cute to do gold polka dots with acrylic paint.

Easiest DIY ever!


  1. Cutest cutest cutest! I'm so glad you gals are doing this. It's like I'm all of the sudden hanging out with you and you're slowly teaching me the ways of style... ;)

    1. Aw! Thank you Olivia! We're hoping to have lot of fun content for you to read in the near future! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. This is the cutest idea ever!! :) Love Love LOVE it!

  3. what a great idea!!