Favorite Lip Colors

We were asked by a reader to post a couple of our favorite lipsticks, so we gathered up the ones we could find, and those that hadn't been destroyed by our dear children, and took a few on-the-fly pics. 

We tend to steer toward matte lipsticks only, nothing with a shimmer. If we feel like adding a little shimmer, topping off our lip color with a gloss, tinted or not, does the trick. 

Maybelline "Pink Me Up"

Cover Girl "Flame"

Revlon "Wine Not"

E.L.F "Red"

Nars "Jungle Red"

Cover Girl "Spellbound"

MAC "Deep Love"

Forever 21 "Coral"

Don't be afraid to experiment! Push yourself to try new shades, and just own it when you wear it! Also, don't feel you have to refrain from buying the cheap brand of lipsticks, we've found a lot of success in those!

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