This weekend I was knee deep in poop, and throw up. My poor littles were, well still are, sick. I thought I'd post my church attire to help myself feel refreshed from being, pardon my bluntness, shit-slapped in the face. I was changing V's diaper, lifted her bum to wipe, and well you know the rest...

Here's to a happy Monday, and hoping my kiddos get well soon so I can shower and clean my house!

P.S. Spring please come soon, please!

P.P.S. Run and get one of these comfy blouses from H&M, I'm in love.

Oh, and Cat telling me a poo story involving Samson, time-out and his retaliation. Need I say more? D.Y.I.N.G.

Blouse: H&M - $20 | Skirt: Forever 21 - $18 | Jacket: Forever 21 - $30 | Heels: F21 - $30 | Tights: F21 - $4 | Hair pin: Amazon, painted with finger nail polish.

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