Me Best Mate

I remember when I got pregnant with V when K was 16 months. I started to feel super guilty that our time together with just us two was not going to last as long as I had wanted. It was just the two of us day to day, doing whatever we wanted, and going wherever we wanted. He was my best little mate. After V was born, I realized that was silly. I would need to just put forth more effort to have alone time with him. He's still my best little man, and a total stud.

K really is such a sweet little spirit. He has attitude (hmm...wonder where he got that from, cough), but is sensitive. If ever we leave from friends houses, he always has to say goodbye to everyone. If he doesn't, or misses someone, he loses it man! He's fun, and sooooo active, always up for fun times. He humors me by dancing with me, he's got moves you've never seen. I humor him with wrestling, not my best talent.

The other day he asked, "Mommy, will you put my hairs in a circle punchittle?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "What's that?" "You know a circle on my head." Oh, a topknot! So I put his hair up. He said, "Oooooo I wike this!", "I'm wike a mudder (mother) now!" I was dying, so cute!

Shirt: Walmart - $3 | Pants: H&M - $10 | Jacket: H&M - $25 | Boots: Target - $14 | Beanie: Target - $2