My Best Buddy

Lately there are times I want to bottle this little boy up and keep him the way he is forever. Then there are other times where I want to rip out my hair, fast forward twenty years and sit back and just observe him in adulthood. But mostly just bottle him up. 

The other morning we were lazing about around the house, and he told me he needed to put me to sleep (his newest obsession). So he brought me his blankies and a pillow then turned off the light. Then, as is part of our routine when he goes to bed, he started stroking my face and singing "You Are My Sunshine", but just to be sure I wasn't already dying over his adorableness, he changed the words at the end to, "please don't take my mommy away". Dying, DYING. Dead.

Button Up: Target - $12 | Fox Sweater: Target - $13 | Pants: Old Navy - $10 | Shoes: Target - $20

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  1. I love this little outfit, god bless.
    Check out my blog too! Will appreciate it :)