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This outfit was inspired by Karen Walker's NYFW runway designs. I'm loving the orange with hunter green, mixed with muted colors. These are the Autumn/Winter 2013 looks, so I guess I'm a bit early! I can't help but think ahead!

I'm currently basking in the southern sun down in St. George for a quick President's Day getaway with my little fam. Mike is off golfing with some of his "buddies" (the universal dude term for friends), so it's Mamma time for me with my sweet K and V. The sun down here does something to my soul! It's amazing, and yet cruel. Cruel because it tricks me into thinking spring is just around the corner, and when we're home it absolutely is NOT.

Wishing you all a sunny, soul-brightening holiday today. (Sending out all kinds of good juju to entice spring to get here STAT!)

Sweater: H&M - $20 | Pants: H&M - $25 | Jacket: Nordstrom - $30 | Booties: Target - $30

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  1. Hey, you look beautiful and those bright pants complement you perfectly! Talking about weather tricks: it was sunny, today, in Montréal... It's only when I got out for a walk that I realized it was -15 degrees C...