Cozy Valentine

What a difference a day makes.
I was sitting at my computer this morning staring at the screen for a good 15 minutes, and couldn't think of a single word to put down.

On the way to Sundy dinner at my in-laws there was a storm a brewin' outside. Naturally, when we left the roads were getting pretty bad. They weren't icy yet, just slushy and wet. I was driving in the middle lane on a four lane freeway when suddenly the car next to me in the left lane started to swerve over into me, because of a car in front of it that was drastically slowing down. I had to swerve right so I we wouldn't collide. I started sliding right and over corrected left and just went spinning out of control. I was yelling, "No, no, noooooo!" while K was screaming in the back. We spun three times across traffic all the way into the very left lane just centimeters from the cement median. We were faced against traffic with oncoming cars heading our way. I panicked and whipped the car around as fast as I could to get my ass out of there.

I was holding back tears on the way home, and K kept asking, "Mommy what happened?"
I said, "The roads are slippery, and our tires started sliding." then for some reason he said, "Mommy, was that a skeleton that was spinning our car around?" I started laughing so hard! Thanks for lightening the mood little buddy, I'll love you forever for that.

How we made it out alive is nothing short of a miracle, and I'm feeling so blessed having been watched over by my Heavenly Father. I'm still shaking hours later, and cant stop kissing my babies. You really never know what's going to happen in life, and I'm glad we're still here.

Now it just seems terribly silly to post an outfit, but we must carry on.

Dress: Forever 21 - $20 | Coat: Guess (old) | Tights: Forever 21 - $3 | Boots: Hunter


  1. First. you are so gorgeous!
    Second. Thank you for stopping by my blog and reading :)
    Third. I cannot believe this happened to you, I would definitely still be shaking from this. Thank goodness you are okay!
    Be careful out there!

    1. Thank you so much SarahJane! Appreciate you stopping by!

  2. lovely blog and lovely hunter!


  3. Oh god, that's terrifying! At least you knew what to do to correct the car, and you're safe!

    But otherwise, I love this gorgeous and simple outfit and love your blog - you've got a new follower!

    Also, has anyone ever told you you look like Megan Fox?


    1. Really? Megan Fox? That's a huge compliment, thanks!

  4. You look here realy great! :)

  5. So gorgeous - I adore your tights!! :)

  6. I want that coat!! Oh I want those wellies too!! :-) Love the whole look!
    Would you like to follow each other?
    Love from another mom :-) from Toronto,


    1. If you want them, they're yours😉 such a sweet comment, thank you. For sure let's follow each other!

  7. You are so lovely,beautiful coat!


  8. I love this outfit.
    I love more that you're okay.

  9. Loved your photos and your red coat and i on pixglam.com