Sequins & Studs

We don't know how the rest of you moms do it. Bringing your kids together for a giant, or little, playdate, and end up conversing with each other while the kids nicely play. Caitlyn and I gave it a go today so we could work on some blog things, and you wouldn't believe the amount of fighting that went on between K and S. We swear we raise them in calm, loving homes, but somehow they pick up on hitting, pushing, yelling and the like from somewhere and use it on each other. What is your secret!?

It even got so bad that Caitlyn had to whisk S away from the house earlier than planned and head home. Something about Thomas the Train, and not wanting to share with K. Kids... Or is it boys... ?

Shirt: Forever 21 - $18 | Metallic Pants: H&M - $40 | Booties: Forever 21 - $30 | Hat: Gap - $30

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