Closet Style Files

We are so excited to finally introduce to you this new series we've been working on!

The main reason we started this blog was to get creative with our closets, and decrease the amount we shop. We know we have ridiculous amounts of clothes stashed away in our closets; we just need to get crafty with how to wear them. Whilst outfitting ourselves for prior posts, we had the thought of, "wouldn't it be so fun to go through other girl's closets and piece together outfits?", thus the Closet Style Files was born.

We chose to tackle our blog designer's closet first; Michelle from Twig Creative. With the kids playing at home with sitters one morning, we headed on up to Salt Lake to get our styling on!

Being invited into Michelle's home, and given free reign over her closet, was a dream!

After some chit-chat and playing a little with her sweet daughter, we got right to work!

Michelle was so tired of most everything in her closet. Only a select few items had been added to her wardrobe over the summer since she has major hesitation while she shops. 

She was surprised to learn that she had some serious gems in that closet of hers! She really has a keen eye for classic pieces, and a number of the things we initially pulled out shocked her, "I bought that back in college, long before I was even married!"

We were able to put over a dozen outfits together plus the possibility for many more using her go-to items, as well as unsuspecting pieces hidden away in her closet.

Caitlyn had an epiphany with these brown boots, and discovered the cuffs unroll, giving Michelle more options with just one pair of shoes. It's all about playing with your clothes!

Michelle felt she was limited to only wearing her belts with her jeans, but using a few knot techniques, we expanded their wearing ability, and nipped in her waist with certain outfits, giving her a lot more shape.

In our element and clearly having the time of our lives!

A few of the outfits we created for our fabulous client!

We also advised Michelle on a few staple items she should add to her closet, combed the web for them, and sent over some links. Makes shopping much easier when someone else does the work for you! Luckily, we're the types of gals that love doing that, whether we get to buy it or not!

We had such a wonderful time, and left on cloud nine. It was such a great feeling to have fulfilled someone's needs...pertaining to their closet!

* * *

Client Feedback: "Having Caitlyn and Meagan style my closet was an absolute dream; they traveled to my home, listened to my needs/wants and then worked their magic. I tried on outfit after outfit wearing my own items in a new way -- a way I would have never tried. I expected them to leave me with a list of new items I needed to incorporate into my closet but instead they left me with a new confidence in wearing what I already owned. Their advice was on trend yet on cue with my body type and personal style. The styling covered not only such tips as how to layer and easily change an outfit from daywear to nightwear but also how to tie a belt, how to keep your pants from bunching in high boots, and various ways to roll sleeves. Not to mention, they are two personalities I could have kept around all day. When I joked with them that they could just dress me everyday, I wasn't joking. These ladies changed my tired closet eyes and left me beaming the rest of the day." -Michelle

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