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I've struggled this year figuring out exactly how I feel about Santa. It's not that I feel I should raise my kid(s) knowing the truth because I do definitely believe in the magic of Santa Clause. I'm just struggling with the commercialized aspect of Christmas, and the fibs upon fibs upon fibs. It's all fun and games, sure, but do I really need something like an elf on a shelf to make my son behave? Or should I just raise him with certain behavioral expectations year round? Easier said than done, right?

I don't want to be "that mom" that strips my children of the commercial novelties their friends and cousins experience during the holiday season, and yet I don't want to succumb to it all just to "fit in". There must be a balance!

I'd rather not go from place to place visiting the big man in the red suit and tell my kids that Santa's eeeeeeverywhere. A once a year visit at my in-laws seems like enough Santa for one holiday season. However, when S and I visited The Dickens Christmas Festival with my family this weekend and found that Father Christmas was there, of course I had to have S sit on his lap, and when he marched on up there and let Santa lift him onto his lap, my cold, Bah-Humbug heart melted. And when he told Santa he'd like "that train" (the one he just finished riding), I just melted into a puddle. Maybe my outlook on Santa visits has changed...

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