Love & Birthdays

Meg had a birthday over the weekend, and we partied it up! Well, as much as two moms with littles at home, and limited sitter time can! Even still, it was so nice to spend a few hours together undisturbed by anything other than the occasional buzz of our phones so we could properly celebrate Meg's big day!

We obviously fit in a little time to take pics together, only to be interrupted by a toothless man informing us of better shoot locations. Turns out, that's the best kind of company you encounter when you take pictures in a creepy alley. Who woulda thought?

While I realize eight outfit pics is excessive, I wanted to showcase Meagan's photography skills. Not only is she a whiz behind the lens, but she knows just how to tweak the poseof  an incredibly awkward girl [me] to yield flattering pictures! Because I tell ya, if it was just my brains behind these pics we'd be screwed!

Love Sweater: Forever 21 - $24 | Jeans: Honey & Lace - Hostess Gift | Booties: Target - $35 | Scarf: Cotton On - $5 | Aviators: Forever 21 - $6


  1. love the sweater! what a great find.
    love the red star on the building.
    you're a serious babe.

  2. OK, I snatched those booties from Target last night for $11!!!! I'm stoked! Also, I ALMOST got them for $5.98 because the cashier made a mistake, and I exclaimed, "Sweet, they were cheaper than I thought!" And then he double checked the SKU number and upped the price back to $11. Thanks for the outfit inspiration! Maybe I'll find that sweater for a Val day outfit! :) xoxo