DIY: Metallic Leather Elbow Patches

Here's another easy DIY to add a little sparkle to your holiday wear. I like this one, because it's no sew for all of those like me who are no good at it. I wanted to add something to this sweater from F21. I bought some metallic leather off Ebay a while back for another project I used.   

Trace the size of patch you want on the backside of the leather. I used a pen, and it worked well.

I didn't picture the glue I used, but it's called Tanner's Bond Leathercraft Cement. This is good stuff and works like a charm. I bought it from Hobby Lobby. After liberally applying the glue, I used my finger to smear it around the edge so it would go all the way to the very edge.

And there you have it, Leather elbow patches. Faux leather fabric would also work well, and look just as good!

Thanks for reading!

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