Valentine's Look

Can I just say it was fa-reezing out when we took these photos hence my locked jaw and scowl in each one. I'm still defrosting hours later.
I love Valentine's Day color palettes. Orange, red, pink, coral, and purple are my most favorite monochromatic colors to mix, and I love wearing these colors as much as possible this time of year. So get ready for a few V-Day posts with these colors ahead! Hope you don't get sick of them, I know I won't.

Dress: Zara - $50 | Coat: H&M - $40 | Tights: Forever 21 - $3 | Shoes: Forever 21 - $30

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  1. What a stunning back drop! Your coat is gorgeous and looks so cosy.Can I follow through google friend connect or is it just by email/bloglovin? I tried to find it but it's possible I'm being blind haha. Love your blog and your DIY's are so innovative xo