DIY Denim Vest

I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, It takes me a bit longer to get things than most. For instance, this simple DIY turned some what disastrous for me. I wanted to take my old Gap denim jacket, and turn it into an edgier vest. Sounds easy as pie, but not for me!

Cut the sleeves off arms, check.

I didn't photograph the part of me putting it in a bin full of bleach water, because it's freezing outside. I didn't measure the water and bleach, I just poured some in. The vest was taking forever to turn, and I had used the last of our bleach. I let it sit over night to give it longer, and the bleach water froze, along with my vest.

I thawed it out and it wasn't as light as I wanted, so I made another batch of bleach water. I put a heavy green ceramic bowl atop the vest to weight it down, the darn thing kept rising to the top of the water. This is where it all went wrong. The green bowl turned my awesome vest green! Gah! I let it sit in bleach again for about 5 hours, and the green did not budge! So now it's green, but I'll still wear it.
I'm borrowing this pal for a project Cat and I are working on, and she sits in my room. Every time I walk out of the bathroom, she scares the **** outta me. Then we have a good laugh about it, EVERY TIME.
She scared me again people, I gotta check that.
AAAAAnd I have no make-up on, scary sight.

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  1. I really like your outfit and that idea with the denim vest. Have a nice monday.