A New Dawn

A new day
A new year!

We woke this morning to face the new year with determination, strength and an extra bounce in our step. Today feels different, doesn't it? We certainly feel it, and want to keep that feeling day after day. We know that's a fairly unreal expectation, but isn't the purpose of new year resolutions to change our days for the better, and encourage extra focus on our lives, and how we might affect other's lives? 

We have each set ourselves some resolutions, some deep, some not so much, and in doing so we're hoping to make this year, and each day within it, better than the one before. 

Cat's Resolutions:

:Much more water, much less Diet Coke
:Read scriptures daily
:Make dinner 4 times a week minimum
:Weekly yoga class
:Make family home evening a priority
:Attend church every week

Meg's Resolutions:

:Take K&V to the library twice a week
:Attend the temple once a month
:Make family home evening a priority
:Wear more dresses
:Save up to buy a new camera

We are absolutely aware that taking on 5-6 new committments right away is a fair amount of ridiculous, but we're going to give it a go anyway. Even if that means starting out with one or two, and adding on another in a month or two when the first(s) have become habit. 

Who else has set some new years resolutions? We'd love to hear what they are!

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