Jill's Closet Style Files

We were ever so lucky to have another Closet Styling client lined up so soon after Michelle's. We had such a blast with Jill of Square Native, and loved diving into her closet, which she thought had nothing of value. What we actually found were some real gems and coveted items!

Jill is mostly a stay-at-home Mom who does PR work for Lean Moms and a few other smaller companies, as well as freelance massage, and, of course, her work with Square Native. She wasn't looking for many dressy outfits from her wardrobe, as they aren't really needed for the many endeavors she's involved in. However, the occasional fancy night out with her husband (whom sports a beard, by the way) is a grand excuse to sport some of her dressier threads, so we came up with a few of those outfits as well!

Naturally Jill was a riot with all her rad poses. Gotta take a leaf outta this girl's book for sure!

We fell in love with Jill's black $11 boots from Target, that Caitlyn actually happens to have as well, and doesn't rock nearly as well as Jill does! We ended up pairing them with almsot every outfit of hers, as well as her beautiful brown staple Steven by Steve Madden boots.

A few things we immediately attached ourselves to she had never worn before! Needless to say, we found numerous ways to wear all of them!

Just like with our previous closet stying post, we left Jill with only a couple things she should add to her closet, and hopefully a fresh perspective on what she already owns!

A morning spent together is always one we walk away better from, and this one was no exception! Thank you to Jill for entertaining us, and having us over to play in your closet! We hope you were pleased with the results!

* * *

Client Feedback: "Before Caitlyn and Meagan styled my closet, I disliked every clothing item I owned. Every morning while trying to find something to wear, I'd yell to my bearded husband, "I have such stupid clothes!"

My body has changed shape so often in the past 5 years (giving birth to 3 kids will do that), that I haven't had a 'complete wardrobe' I could be excited about. The Minty Mavin duo quickly changed my outlook on my current threads and I couldn't believe the number of outfits they put together with the 'stupid clothes' I have in my closet. I feel like I have at least 20 new outfits without spending a dime!" -Jill


  1. It was tons of fun. Thanks, ladies!

  2. how fun is this! if you want to come to my closet next - - i wouldn't mind.

    1. We would come for sure, we love doing it! Just let us know when and where!