Easter Cookies & A Giveaway!

We are doing everything we can over here to lure Spring to arrive, and we make no exception in the sweets department. 

Meagan shared this recipe with Caitlyn a few months ago, and no matter the mess that sugar cookie making ensues, she makes them monthly. Meagan, on the other hand, having perfected this recipe years ago, has gotten over the novelty of them. And trust me, the novelty will reign supreme when you start making these!

The recipe is even printably (we make up words) formatted at the bottom of the post! Because we love you so. 

The boys were especially helpful in the making of these cookies. And it was best when they helped so they'd actually leave each other alone! We're doing our best to force eternal friendship on these two. 

As far as frosting goes, we're each partial to a different kind. 

Meagan, the frosting and baked goods connoisseur, has discovered THIS cream cheese frosting is top notch, a cut about the rest, bar none,and so forth! Through trial and error she has found it works best if the cream cheese and butter are thawed to room temperature. She also only uses one 8oz package of cream cheese, rather than two, since she likes her frosting a little sweeter!

As for Caitlyn, even though she isn't a frosting lover at all, goes crazy for THIS vanilla buttercream. Be sure to beat the hell outta that softened butter, and sift the powdered sugar like it's your freakin' day job, resulting in the airiest frosting that's ever been had, and we believe will make a substantial influence on world peace.

Samson and Kian caught on to decorating real fast, surely knowing it was one step closer to consumption, which they definitely didn't need help with.

These babes of ours were real big helpers in the kitchen, and for the most part, it kept their attention. Chalk that up to a success for sure!

Enjoy your dozens and dozens of cookies. Don't worry, we won't judge you if you hoard them. But if you do decide to share, make it an event! Cookie party! Every season, every holiday!

Print the recipe for yourself here!

We're so dedicated to these cookies that we wanna take it to the gram. 
Post an instagram of your baking session, frosting whipping, 
dough cutting, etc. with the hashtag #mintysugarsugar for a shot at
winning this killer set of measuring cups! 

A winner will be selected and announced Friday, March 15th at noon (gotta give ya time to whip up these babies!).

Happy Baking!


  1. They're so, so cute! I don't bake much these days but if I get around to making these I'll instagram them for sure!


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