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We were so excited to see this Style Mama Link Up on a bunch of our favorite blogs, and jumped at the chance to put up our own post. Nothin' like connecting with other moms through the internet!

One of the things we love about fashion is that it's ever evolving. We haven't yet found a way to get bored with it! But even through the changes in fashion, we find ourselves threading a commonality from trend to trend, and that is comfort and ease, which obviously accommodates our full time jobs as mothers. We want to be able to to attend to our kiddo's every need, without the fuss of cumbersome fashion.

Another important thing about our choice in fashion is cost. With both of us being on tight budgets, we can't be frivolous with our spending, so we search for deals like you wouldn't believe, and stick to the cheaper stores!

Mom to Kian (3) and Vada (1)

The three of us are always on the go. Being a mom of two, throw two jobs in the mix, and things get pretty hectic.

To accommodate my busy lifestyle, I like to keep it comfy, but my wardrobe has to be pretty versatile, so I typically jazz it up a little with fun tops and printed pants.

My style necessities are:
1. A baggy knit sweater (or 17 of 'em)
2. Flat black boots/booties
3. Collared button up

Mama's Outfit:
Button Up: Forever 21 - $18 | Sweater: Forever 21 - $15 | Jacket: Forever 21 - $20 | Jeans: H&M - $20  | Boots: Forever 21 - $16 | Beanie: Gap - $10 

Kian's Outfit:
Shirt: H&M - $15| Button Up: Old Navy - $6 | Coat: Target - $25 | Jeans: Target - $12 | Shoes: Converse - $15 | Beanie: Gap - $10

Vada's Outfit:
Chambray: Old Navy - $9 | Jacket: Gap - $10 | Leggings: Target - $5 (handprinted) | Moccasins: Handmade by her Uncle Steffen! | Hair Clip: Forever 21 - $1.80 for 2pk

* * *

Mom to Samson (2)

We are a silly pair, Samson and I, and we get along best if we're being active/goofing around (boys and their energy!). I never want what I'm wearing to inhibit my play with Sam, but I'm also unwilling to forgo form over function.

However, don't hit up my house before noon, or you'll typically encounter Frump City.

That being said, my three style necessities are:
1. Leggings of all prints and fabrics
2. Flat boots/booties
3. Longline tops

And of course I always need my faux leather jacket or a coat to throw on during these frigid Utah months. (Where the freak is summer already!?)

Working as a part-time cosmetologist gives me the opportunity to dress up my daily wear a little, so I definitely use it as an excuse to throw on a few of my nicer items!

Mama's Outfit: 
Studded Button Up: Forever 21 - $20 | Sweater: Forever 21 - $30 | Leggings: Cotton On - $25 | Moccasins: Soel Boutique - $47

Samson's Outfit:
Button Up: Target - $12 | Sweater: Gap Outlet - $15 | Cords: Old Navy - $10 | Shoes: Target - $12 | Hat: Gap - $10

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