Cable Knit

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Mine was busy, but good!

My second job is working with a catering company. I work sporadically (I recently watched Clueless) so it's really fun when I work there. We work hard, and play hard, and dance and laugh a lot. It's long hours and hard to be away from my kids, but I gotta.

Saturday, my sis and I pretended we were New Yorkers, and drove to Salt Lake City in a blizzard, with our kids and walked around City Creek Center. I had V strapped to my chest, and K in the stroller. It was snowing beautifully, and I wish I had brought my camera, but hey, that's just too much crap! I felt like I was in a dream, and right then and there I was loving this cold winter. The feeling didn't last long.

I never use my carrier for V, and I was loving being able to look down at her sweet face right there, and kiss her every second. The kids did so well with all our walking around, I'm one blessed Mommy!

Sweater: Zara - $50 | Liquid Leggings: windstorstore.com - $20 | Booties: Target - $15 | Scarf: Target - $10

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