Old Boots & Handless

Moving does wonderful things for me (plus evil things, such as making me swear more). Like rediscovery! I've resurrected a few prime items outta my closet since my move, these boots being one of them. I purchased these boots during my eBay days yeeeears ago, and got a steal on them. Genuine leather, practically brand new, Banana Republic, and they fit like a glove. Bonus. Thank you dear moving process. 

Speaking of which, we are livin' the sweet life right now. My husband's grandparent's had lived in their home for roughly 30 years, were just moved to an assisted living home, and their house has been sitting vacant. Complete with an empty apartment, might I add. So we'll be living here, paying practically pennies, until their kids clear out the house to prep it for selling. Roughly a year or so. The vintage items I'm spotting around here...o h   m y   g o s h. Be so jealous. Or just come to the estate sale they'll be having sometime this year. 

Also, I feel sportin' white jeans in the winter is a BRILLIANT idea. In love. 

The end. 

Oh so very cold! Hence my absent hands.

Sweater: Target - $7 | Striped Button Up: Old Navy - $20 | Jeans: Forever 21 - $15 | Riding Boots: Banana Republic c/o Ebay - $80 | Scarf: Target - $16

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