Winter Whites

I hope everyone had a wonderful, dreamy Christmas! I was super stressed and busy before Christmas. After working Christmas Eve, it was off to finish up my shopping, so needless to say it came down to the wire! I usually have everything done at the beginning of December, but not this year. I must say, I would much rather avoid the hustling bustling crowds like I normally do!

Albeit crazy and busy, we had a wonderful time preparing for this holiday, and reflecting on the true meaning of Christmas.

I wanted to add a few photos of my kiddos on Christmas morning. My heart was full and I was feeling so blessed to watch my darlings open their presents. Christmas with these little ones brings so much joy. I loved every second watching their excited expressions opening gifts.

Now my boy is turning three, and my sweetie is turning one this week. Like every mother before me, I can't believe they're getting so big, so dang fast! I'm thrilled to see what 2013 has in store for us.

Hat: Gap - $15 | Sweater: Gap - $24 | Pants: H&M - $10 | Scarf: Gap - $20 | Boots: Sorel | Gloves: Target - $10

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