Cozy New Year's Eve

We're rounding the home stretch, folks. 2012 is just about over! I say it year after year, but when this time arrives I just can't believe how fast the year went by. Doesn't it feel like we JUST did all this holiday stuff? Wasn't I just putting away my Christmas from last year? But really, when will I stop being amazed at how fast time flies? I'm beginning to sound 85...no but seriously, the way time is flying I'll be 85 before I know it...

We've put together a couple New Year's Eve outfits, hoping to spark some inspiration for your own holiday evening. Mine is more of a casual take on the celebration of ringing in the new year, since we typically end up spending it at a family's house playing games, and much to my chagrin, watching stupid TV. Like those motocross dudes in Vegas. Can't they pull these stunts on any of the other 364 days of the year? Nope, just the one night that we could really go out and PARTY, ya know, all Mormon style with a two year old (who will be 18, like tomorrow! 85...), but I digress!

This outfit is super comfy, perfectly fit for splaying on the ground killing everyone in Mad Gab, but also really fun, so I wouldn't feel out of place hitting up a midnight party with friends. Which, I may force myself to do this year. Why is it that only on New Year's Eve am I completely wiped out by 11pm, and every other night I'm not falling asleep until at least 1am? ... It's because I'm turning 85, isn't it?

Husband, we're doin' it. Find us a sitter. Let's party.

Stay tuned for Meg's glamorous New Year's Ever attire post!

Shirt: Forever 21 - $20 | Jacket: Forever 21 - $35 | Velvet Leggings: Forever 21 - $15 | Striped Mesh Leggings: Forever 21 - $11 | Boots: Target - $9 | Accessories: Heirloom and Forever 21 - <$15 | Hat: Forever 21 - $9

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