Sunnies & Leggings

This is one of those safe, easy outfits that's comfortable for all day wear, no matter what the day calls for. For me, it was running errands, cutting five client's hair, pumpkin carving, pizza grabbing, and obviously gazing awkwardly into the distance. 

Although temperatures are dropping, and darker colors are much more fitting, I still find it comforting to occasionally throw on brighter colors and springy patterns. I've always felt that if the material of the clothing is season-appropriate I can wear whatever color I darn well please. 

Sweater: Target - $25 | Blouse: Target - $25 | Leggings: Forever 21 - $12 | Boots: HandMeDown | Sunnies: Romwe.com - $12 | Accessories: Forever 21 - < $15

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